When you get hungry for a real “New York hot dog”, look for Lucky Dawg!

Lucky Dawg has been serving Reno’s best hot dogs and sausages for over 8 years.

Look for the bright Yellow hot dog cart with lots of umbrellas. 

We are located next to the courthouse on  S. Virginia St and Court St.

If you know where the Pioneer Center is we are just across the street.  

We feature quality Miller’s  natural skin casing, all beef frankfurters.    

Just like the hot dog carts in New York City!

If you like it SPICY you will love our ¼ lb all beef Hot Louisiana Sausage.

We grill them to perfection and serve ’em up on a steaming hot sesame seed roll.


Lucky Dawg is the only cart in Reno that sells 100% beef  “skin-on” dogs.

These are the hot dogs that go “SNAP!” when you bite into them!

Try our New York style hot dog!!  

Fresh sauerkraut, deli-mustard and red onion sauce on a boiled or grilled all beef frank served up on a hot steamed bun.

Just like in the “Big Apple”.

If you are from the East Coast you know what I’m tawkin’ about!

We also carry Farmer John’s ¼ lb pork Polish Sausage.

Perfectly seasoned all pork sausage with natural skin casing, served on a piping hot sesame seed roll.

Pile on the sauerkraut and some of our spicy brown deli mustard and you will be in Hog Heaven!


Lucky Dawg Hot Dogs Menu!

Lucky Dawg Hot Dogs Menu

100% All Beef Hot Dog
Served on a Steamed bun with fresh toppings
Chili Cheese Dog
Hot Dog loaded with Beef Chili and Fresh Cheese
Bacon Dog
Beef Hot Dog with 3 Slices of Crispy Bacon
Polish Sausage
1/4 lb of perfectly seasoned pork sausage
Louisiana Hot Link
1/4 lb grilled spicy beef hot link on steamed roll
Cold Drinks or Chips
A variety of Soda, Water and Brand Name chips

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Get Your Hot Dog: (775) 351 4953